People for Ethical Treatment of Insects 

  PFETI (silent 'F')  is taking a stand against insect abuse.

The lady bug and spider are both insects.  However they are not treated equally.

Register your support today because killing is killing no matter who is doing the wacking.  For far too long humans have taken the lives of insects without fear of prosecution or retribution.  Sure, there was the occassional fear of, "maybe his relatives will get me," when killing a spider, but now there is an organization for the equal protection of insects.  Using nano-technology and micro drones we plan to invade the house of every American to catch on video people abusing insects.

Please Register and the come back regularly to sign in.  We are going to be offering prizes and free stuff to people who register and come back to visit.  Insects need love, but more importantly in our world they need a voice.  We are that voice for the voiceless.
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